Greetings! Anti-Cancer Project Completion

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Hello there. Welcome to the website of the artist, writer, and spiritual practitioner, Tim Kaiser, AKA Edgecrush3r. I will be continually creating new pieces of art and posting them to this site in an effort to put my work out there into the world. I have a ton of ideas and will hone my talent from where it is now, to wherever it can take me. If hands become wings, where can one soar? This is only possible through hard work and dedication to one’s craft, so I have decided to push myself from here on out.

I am, by the way, looking for paying work, such as illustrations, portraits, paintings, and concept artwork. I can literally create anything. I will continue to strive to prove that in actions with my portfolio which will be expanded weekly. This way, I will have an ever-expanding showcase of proof-of-concepts.

Thank you for checking this site out!

This week I have completed a rather complex project for my friendĀ Ozziethinker, which will be featured on his website in his next article. I implore you to check it out, his articles are well researched and chock full of tough to swallow, but necessary information. The Truth In Cancer is the title of the newest work.

As for the art, it turned out okay. For such a complex piece, I wanted to spend more time on some aspects of the doctors, but it’s time for this one to be done. I can only learn and grow from here. The shading on the doctors could be better, to the point of getting rid of the lines altogether. This will be my goal for all future pieces.

Please remember that the whole site is WIP, or a Work In Progress, and many things are subject to change. But the first rendition is up! Hooray! I’ll have more work to add to the Portfolio soon. And by the end of the week, another piece. I also plan to have a store where one can purchase prints of some of the art I produce. I don’t know how soon that will become available.

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